Welcome to the Fair

Aspen Fair curates a carefully selected variety of home décor products, stationery & office supplies, food & beverage, personal care products, and much, much more. Our products are designed by some truly amazing and creative designers from across Canada and USA. We take pride in our ever-growing collection as it is filled with some great personality - unique in every way. Our energy comes from our love for art, travel, music, and food. Needless to say, we strive to ensure our products reflect the same values. 


We steer clear of the 'fast fashion" mentality. It is about the desire to being a part of a world that cares more about great quality that comes with a promise of lasting longer and bringing value to our customers for years, and less about the hottest trends. We believe in plugging away from the daily grind and enjoying every moment possible. For some of us homebodies, what holds the most importance is being in a beautiful home and being surrounded by products holding attributes of great quality, aesthetically pleasing, one of a kind, and fun.



Aspen Fair is a customer-centric organization with a goal to build a unique and imaginative retail experience using ingenuity and innovation. We pride ourselves in providing the best quality of products to our customers as we focus on bringing elegance and refinement to the home and work life. Our collection includes products with added social values such as being handmade, small batch produced, ethically sourced and/or organic. 

Environmental sustainability is equally important to us, and we aim to use our business to create an impact on our beloved planet. Aside from being advocates of nature positivity, our goal is to work towards the elimination of single-use plastic, protect marine life, promote the use of alternative energy, and increase the number of trees on the planet.

Our inspiration comes from some of the greatest pleasures in life: art, travel, music, and food. We aim to develop a brand reflecting these passions, however, in a sustainable manner than minimizes harm to the environment. 


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