We want to live in a world where...

...eco-friendliness is top of mind

Today we live in a world where most of the things we use travel to us over seas and oceans to reach us. Even some of our food travels the same distance.

When products travel huge distances, they should only do so for a good reason. For example, materials were sustainably sources and created ethical jobs for the locals and provided pair pay.

However, it should not travel for money-saving, profit-making purposes. All this while creating unethical working conditions for locals and destroying our environment along the way.

What’s so great about companies buying thousands of somethings for mere cents, and selling them to you for insane profits?


The only planet we refer to as “Home” should be a safe and happy place for all of us to live. It should thrive in wellness & positivity. It should heal us instead of making us sick with pandemic-causing diseases.

Together, all of us can do our absolute best to protect it, to heal it, and to revitalize it – so it can take care of us in return.


...we embrace design & creativity

Sustainability should not mean compromise. Your home reflects who you are, and you deserve to be surrounded by high quality products that are also aesthetically pleasing.

We steer clear of the “fast fashion” mentality. Never mind the hottest trends; together we can build a world that cares more about great quality and value through each product for years to come.


...we shop mindfully for timelessness

What if we discarded less because the products we buy last longer and create less garbage?

What if we buy mindfully and embrace the “slow fashion” mentality and forget about the hottest trends that will die off in no time?

Imagine living in a world where its inhabitants care more about the great quality that comes with a promise of lasting longer. You deserve to be surrounded by great quality for years.


...we cherish each other’s passions

At Aspen Fair, you have access to high quality products, created with meaning and intent.

Products that have soul and tales to tell. Products as unique as you.

We all deserve to feel the depth of joy in our daily lives.

After all it has always been about the people – those who create and those who consume.

We deserve to be surrounded by love, which emits even through the things we use every day and keep around us.

We all deserve our lives to be enriched by stories, delivered to us through products created by people “not too far” from us.

We deserve each other’s passion.


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