MEET: The Urbivore

MEET: The Urbivore

The Urbivore

Why we should all love The Urbivore.

Emily and Rebekah are two environmentally conscious sisters from Toronto, ON, who are spreading their “tree-hugging vibes while on a mission to improve the health + wellness of our fellow (h)omies and the planet with plant-based cork yoga mats”.

‘Urbivore’ combines the spelling and the essence at the heart of urban + herbivore, representing urbanites who choose to live eco-sustainable and ethical lives. “An Urbivore recognizes, if you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way”.

They have beautiful core values, and even more beautiful (and revolutionary) are The Urbivore Cork Yoga Mats. In a nutshell, these mats are designed for the yogi at heart, regardless of where they practice. Thoughtfully crafted using the best quality materials, essentially outshining other cork mats out there. 

What’s the big deal with cork, you ask?

Other than being durable and adding great cushioning, here are some more uses of cork yoga mats:


Remember those times when you were practicing yoga, and instead of being able to truly enjoy the benefits of yoga, you were more worried about making sure you don’t slip and slide off the mat? Cork improves the grip when it’s wet. So, next time, feel free to go inwards and get the most out of your yoga practice instead of focusing on the mat.


Of course, to the eco-friendly person, one of the biggest benefits is that cork is a material that is harvested from the bark of trees. That essentially means the trees don’t have to be cut down. The outer bark of the tree is stripped off by hand, leaving the tree itself very much intact.cork harvesting









That reminded me of a side fun fact. Ever wondered how trees gather their mass? It is not from the soil – see, the plant grows bigger, but the level of soil remains the same. Every plant only grabs its nutrients from the soil. However, its mass is gathered from the surrounding air. Trees are known to be air cleansing, i.e. they collect carbon dioxide from the air and instead release oxygen back into the air. From early chemistry classes, we know carbon + oxygen = carbon dioxide. Once oxygen is released back into the air, the carbon stays in the tree, creating the mass that we see.

But, I digress.

Back to cork mats...


The old-school yoga mats are known to carry a great concoction of germs and microbes. One of the best things about this material is that it is self-cleaning.

(Antimicrobial – it naturally slows down (or destroys) the ability for microbes to grow and spread.)

Most of us have better things to do than spend time cleaning the yoga mat after every use. With a cork yoga mat, it stays generally clean itself, but just for fun, cleaning it once a week (and no less than once every two weeks) is generally a good idea.

Also, the cork naturally wicks away smelly odors.

Finally, my favourite reason for loving cork yoga mats – they are so gosh darn beautiful… (cue a bunch of heart-eyes emojis)

Aesthetically pleasing

Whether it is to stand out at the yoga studio or add a piece of awesomeness to your fitness space at home, cork yoga mats just look cool. They add this posh yet minimal look, making the world seem a little more charming.

It just so happens Urbivore mats come with thoughtful yet minimal designs. These mats have you looking forward to and coming back again and again for yoga practice without a doubt.

If you are looking for a squishy, pillow-y mat that promises a comfortable grip, is easy to clean, and helps ease into the depths of your yoga practice, go for a cork yoga mat from The Urbivore collection.

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