MEET: Yes Bar

MEET: Yes Bar

Say hello to the tastiest of all premium-baked snack bars in town – yes, they are no other than the Yes Bar! Why “Yes”, because this brand believes in making delicious food that empowers your health and wellness.

It all started when Abigail, the Founder of Yes Bar, found herself saying “No” to most of the foods her son (with several food sensitivities) wanted to eat. She ended up separating all the ingredients she could say “Yes” to and made snacks he could eat. After all, they looked and tasted like cookies!

Today, Yes Bars are made from nutritious, premium quality organic ingredients.

They are fully plant-based, paleo, and vegan.

They are completely free of GMOs, gluten, grains, dairy, corn, soy, eggs, and peanuts.

It gives us great pleasure to introduce each of these delicious bars to you. Feel free to go ahead and deeply fall in love with any (or all) of these bars.

Black Sesame Sea Salt Snack Bar

A savory and sophisticated flavour! This bar contains sesame seeds, almonds and pecans, pumpkin seeds, French sea salt, Japanese nori, and a hint of coconut nectar. Enjoy these tasty and nutritious bars on the go, in between meals or before a workout.


Yes Bar Black Sesame Sea Salt

Coffee ‘N Chocolate Snack Bar

Give your day a jumpstart with this scrumptious bar. It’s nutty. It’s chewy. It’s crunchy. The textures are wonderful, with all the ingredients you can easily pronounce: freshly ground organic espresso, coffee, almonds and cashews, dark chocolate, and sea salt. Works perfectly with a cold brew, and also in between meals or before a workout.


Yes Bar Coffee n Chocolate snack

Dark Chocolate Chip Snack Bar

Here is a grain-free, vegan take on the classic chocolate chip cookie. The result is a decadent and delightful blend of almonds, cashews, dark chocolate, organic cinnamon, vanilla, and maple syrup. YES, please!


Macadamia Cherry Chocolate Snack Bar

Wholesome, delicious, and satisfying! Buttery macadamias, cashews, tart cherries, apricots, dark chocolate, and seal salt. Perfect for breakfast with coffee, in between meals or a healthy treat to fulfill the needs of a sweet tooth any given time of the day.


Yes Bar Macadamia Cherry Chocolate snack

Salted Maple Pecan Snack Bar

Yup, it’s fully vegan! This bar has a blend of delicious pecans, macadamias, almonds, and cashews, with pure maple syrup and French sea salt. Enjoy as an afternoon indulgence, or start off your day off with a bite of buttery pecan goodness.


Yes Bar Salted Maple Pecan snack


Strawberry Coconut Snack Bar

Count on this bar to become your favourite summertime flavour any given time of the year. Enjoy the burst of flavour in every bite; tangy strawberries blended with creamy coconut, macadamia nuts, and chia seeds. It is also great for crumbling over your favourite yogurt, with your morning coffee, between meals or after a workout.


Yes Bar Strawberry Coconut snack


These bars are small batch produced and they still use the same recipe from Abigail’s kitchen. Yes Bar sources plant-based/clean ingredients from farmers they know and suppliers they trust, most of which are based in California – same as Yes Bar.

All Yes Bar products are certified Vegan and Gluten Free.



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