MEET: Alicja Confections

MEET: Alicja Confections

Chocolate with creativity and originality. Whether you are looking for a go-to favourite bar or you are looking to add some new wonderful-ness to your list, you must try out some bars from Alicja Confections.

Founded in Ottawa, ON by the extraordinarily-talented Alicja Buchowicz in 2015, Alicja Confections uses traditional methods and techniques to create some modern, weird, dramatic, and stunning flavour combinations not easily found elsewhere. It comes as no surprise to those already familiar with Alicja Confections that the Aspen Fair team is 100% in love with Alicja’s chocolates.

Alicja Confections has a variety of chocolates available in white, dark, milk, ruby. Not only that, the brand also carries a variety of vegan and gluten-free bars, for the win! But first, the experience starts with their artistic packaging, straight to the chocolates themselves, these chocolate bars are sure to take you on a trip through some serious wonderfulness. Equally approved by kids and adults!

With the creativity comes the uniqueness. Moreover, you can easily notice the level of care that has gone into each bar. The love can be felt, starting with the packaging, and all the way to the last bite.

We at Aspen Fair adore the idea of Postcard Chocolate Bars! What a sweet and innovative idea! It’s a chocolate bar you can send in the mail. Each bar is wrapped in a uniquely designed packaging, so make someone’s day – anywhere in the world – with some extra sweetness. (And yes, you CAN send chocolate as a postcard in the mail!)

To give you a couple of examples of the creativity and uniqueness found in products by Alicja Confections, check these out.

Koppra Chocolate Bar

Coconut chocolate lovers: this chocolate bar is one magnificent dream come true! Koppra is generously coated on one side with crispy and oh-so-indulgent organic coconut shavings. Each bite is simply filled with absolute pleasure as you mix the crunchy coconut with the buttery smooth dark chocolate. It is an absolute must for anyone who likes chocolate – even people who hate coconut will like this bar (including the founder of Alicja Confections!)


Alicja Confections Koppra dark chocolate coconut bar

Colour Milk Chocolate

Delightful and beautiful! Enjoy the stunning view before splurging on the indulgence of this beautiful chocolate bar. The exterior of the bar features a unique ‘paint splatter’, made of colourful cocoa butter, across a smooth tasting milk chocolate. This chocolate bar is perfect for the classic chocolate lover, or art lover.


Alicja Confections Colour Milk chocolate bar


Alicja Confections sources its chocolate from a supplier that is certified sustainable under the Cocoa Horizons program. This program is committed to improve the farmers’ incomes, and eradicating abusive child labour, while keeping ecological sustainability in mind.


All chocolate bars are made in-house at the Alicja Confections facility in Ottawa. Some items in this facility contain nuts, soy, dairy, gluten, and other allergens. However, the team takes meticuluous care to ensure products that are meant to be dairy-free or gluten friendly are separate from others. In any instance, contamination is still possible. 



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