Introverted AF

Introverted AF


We are only referring to one of the pencils from the Introvert Pencils Set.

Introvert Pencils Set consist of 5 pencils with gloriously coloured exteriors; red, orange, yellow, black, and brown… just in case you needed another reason to be reminded of the vibrant Fall season. Each pencil has a unique writing on it, pure personality to add to the classic introvert’s workspace, whether that means your own workspace or a loved one's workspace.

The pencils have the following sayings on them.

Happiest Alone

Go Away

Anti-People Person

You’re too Close

Introverted AF (personal fave because AF is also Aspen Fair *cheeky half smile*)


Why are we making such a big deal about them? After all, they’re just pencils, so who cares. These pencils come with a bit of personality and they make you want to pick them up and get to work. Writers gonna write; introverts gonna …introvert.

A true introvert will relate, these pencils do the talking while you don’t have to…

Any given day of the week, whether anyone else is around you or not, these pencils will be there for you.

I have to admit, when I first laid eyes on these pencils, I couldn’t help but think, “How absolutely perfect!”

Also, I wasn’t alone. Aspen Fair’s customers are in agreement with me! These pencils quickly became customer faves and took no time rising to the very top of the bestselling list of products at Aspen Fair. Y’all are our people, no doubt about that!

We approached recent purchasers of these pencils and we had a nice chat with them about…well, the happily introverted sides of us. It should have been just about the pencils, but we can all agree, they’re just pencils with cute messages in gold.

Yes, they are placed perfectly, so even after you keep sharpening the heck out of them, the messages don’t just go away. Not only that, there is nothing cheap about the quality of these pencils.


Right here, at


Introvert Pencil Set

We recommend picking up a few. Keep them for yourself and/or gift them to the true introvert(s) in your life. They are also perfect stocking stuffers.


Recently, I ended up as part of a conversation in a Clubhouse room meant for introverts. One of the participants, who considers herself to be an introvert, kindly pointed out, “We should all seek professional help”. There were just a couple of minutes left before the room was to end, but I managed to squeeze in that I 100% disagree with her. I hope I am speaking on behalf of the introverts out there when I say I am a happy introvert; I enjoy my solo travels, my 20K+ walks around the city all alone, and being alone at home.  

I suppose I will never know what the other introverts think about this as we are all busy avoiding each other and trying to be alone as much as possible. #introvertproblems

Finally, this one is for all the happy introverts out there…

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