Urbivore Natural Cork Yoga Mat, Standard

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Made for the busy, all-natural yogi who connects deeply with the universe and all that it provides. Enjoy your existence without worrying about stinky yoga equipment or slipping and sliding when you're putting in the work. 

Sweat more for extra grip on non-slip yoga mats

Perfect for hot yoga classes.

Cork provides a superior non-slip surface for a better stretch. Moreover, cork contains a natural waxy substance that does not absorb water but actually improves the grip when wet. So basically, the sweatier you get, the better.

Antimicrobial & Self-Cleaning

Feel free to forget about having to clean this mat after every single practice. Cork is naturally antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial. This means it inhibits bacteria, mold, and fungal growth. You only have to worry about minimal upkeep, so cleaning it once a week is fine. 

No need to worry about any smelly odors

Cork's self-cleaning properties mean a super fresh smelling mat all the time. You simply do not need to worry about smelly yoga towels nor do you need any antibacterial sprays.

Aesthetically pleasing

A beautifully designed mat which gives off a simple and minimalistic vibe. It invites you back every time. This is a mat you'll be proud of not only practicing on but also leaving out because of its look.

No need to worry about chemicals

You can forget about PVCs, TPE or any harmful chemicals imposing on your practice.

Sustainable & eco-friendly

No trees are harmed in the making of this product! Cork is harvested every 8-9 years from the regenerative bark of cork oak trees. That means the trees don't need to be cut down, and live on for years to come. 

Durable and made to last

Cork is a popular choice for many gyms and studios because of the durability and added cushioning. So, be prepared to have your cork yoga hang around for a long time. 


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