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Reusable Stainless Steel Straws

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Safe & Durable

Unlike some other materials used to make reusable straws, the metal straws are the most durable of all. They are made to last you through almost everything.

These straws do not rust. 


It's a great idea to carry your own reusable straw considering single-use plastic straws getting banned and restaurants and cafes phasing them out. Simply put one in your bag or the glove compartment of your car. 

Can be cleaned easily

These straws are dishwasher safe. 

However, we do recommend using the handy brush to rinse out the inside before placing it in the dishwasher. 

Can also be hand-washed with warm water and soap. 

Unique gift ideas

A unique gift for someone who is (or should be) eco-conscious. These steel straws look cool in cocktail glasses. 

Great stocking stuffers.

Better for the health

Plastic contains toxins such as BPA which is known to easily seep into our food. You can avoid health problems for yourself and your family by reducing plastic in your kitchen. 


This stainless steel straw makes it super easy to forget about those annoying and trash-building single-use plastic straws. Keep plastic out of our environment and our oceans. 

Product information

Brightly coloured fabric sleeve containing 10.5" tall stainless steel straw. Cleaning brush included. Suitable for 30 oz. cups.

Ditch the plastic straws with our reusable metal straw. Cleaning brush and canvas pouch included. One straw per pouch.

Tips & best practices

The straw changes temperature with the drink - ice cold drink means ice cold straw; piping hot dring = careful not to burn your lips. 

Not 100% safe for children. 


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