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Chef Spoon, Cherry

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This handmade spoon is great for meal-prep, baking, and it serves as a good overall general purpose utensil. A large, deep bowl and long chiseled handle characterize this spoon.  Finished with olive oil and beeswax. 

They feel great and look beautiful

There is a reason why wooden spoons are elevated to be the "artist's tool" in classic French cooking - they versatility is unmatched with all other materials when it comes to cooking, thereby being the cooking utensils of choice by professional chefs. They fit well in your hands and enrich your cooking experience tremendously. 

Safe to stir in any type of vessel 

Gentle on all cooking surfaces, wooden spoons keep your vessels lasting for a long time. Your skillets, pots, and pans stay scratch free much longer than expected. 

They work well with high heat

Unlike metal spoons, wooden spoons tend to conduct heat well, protecting your hands from excessive heat. Unlike plastic spoons, wooden spoons are safe to leave in the vessel for a longer period of time, without them melting on you.

Forget about those harmful chemicals

Wooden spoons are naturally anti-bacterial, therefore discouraging germs from collecting. 

The eco-friendly option

Created from a renewable source, wooden spoons will simply and safely return to the earth at the end of their lives. Moreover, you can rest assured, no weird chemicals will be entering your lives uninvited. 

Tips & Best Practices
  • Hand wash wood spoons with warm water and mild soap.
  • To make your spoons last longer, we recommend using a wood conditioner once in a while. Once they have dried after being washed and before they are put away in the drawer for storage, add and gently rub the wood conditioner until the wood absorbs it.
  • The best wood conditioners are made of mineral oil or beeswax. We recommend Spoon Butta Wood Conditioner made from olive oil and beeswax blend.
  • Some pigments in foods and various spices tend to stain wooden utensils. The utensils are completely safe to continue to use and the stains will fade out over time. 
  • If your spoons have splits or cracks, replace with a new spoon. This is to avoid food particles collecting in those hard-to-reach spaces.
About Wild Cherry Spoon Co. 

These wooden spoons are handcrafted, artisan tools made by Wild Cherry Spoon Co., based in Rock Island, Illinois. The wood used to carve these spoons is ethically harvested urban lumber in Illinois. Wild Cherry Spoon Co. works with various species, such as Cherry, Walnut, and Maple. 

Because each spoon is handmade individually, they might appear to have differences in variations - no two spoons are alike. According to Tim McGuire, founder and Chief Artisan, "I've come to value these little differences and in the end, my customers rest assured that they are receiving artisan quality handmade goods."


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