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Beeswax Food Wraps, Bamboo Print

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Say goodbye to pesky single-use plastic in your kitchen

...and instead say hello to a sustainable, compostable, washable and reusable, guilt-free way to store your food. The beeswax food wraps are a convenient alternative to cling wrap. One sheet will perform well for approximately one year in your kitchen. 

All you need is the heat of your hands to mold around fruits, vegetables, breads, cheese, dishes, and more

Keep your food fresh for longer

Beeswax food wraps keep food fresh longer because the material is breathable; plastic cling wrap isn't. The difference is obvious - breads will last for an additional 5 days, that sliced orange will go on for a couple of extra weeks, and the half an avocado will take longer to go brown.

Make your fridge look beautiful on the inside

Experience your fridge a whole new way. There is no better feeling that opening your fridge and seeing your food wrapped in all sorts of lovely colours and patterns. 

    How to use beeswax food wraps
    • Let your food cool down completely before covering 
    • Use the heat of your hands to soften and activate the wraps.
    • Firmly press down onto the container to secure.
    • Overlap as needed.
    How to clean beeswax food wraps

    Keep this product away from heat (including hot water) as it will melt the wax. Wash in cold water only.

    • Hand wash only.
    • Wash in cold water with mild soap when needed.
    • Allow to air dry - use the dish rack or hang them to dry.
    A few tips to make them last longer
    • Hand wash with cold water only
    • Do not use on raw meat
    • Avoid wrapping strong-smelling cheeses 
    • Clean your wraps regularly to avoid mold
    • Do not microwave
    • Do not use on the stove
    • Keep out of the sun on warm/hot days
    How to discard beeswax wraps at the end of their lifespan

    Compost them.


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