Plastic-free Shipping

All the way from the inside of the box to the very outside, Aspen Fair uses shipping material 100% plastic free. That is, all shipping material used is fully recyclable, reusable and/or biodegradable.

This is to ensure you have less of a burden of discarding those pesky plastics and other harmful materials in your garbage once you have received an order from us.

Currently our shipping material excludes all bioplastics.



Depending on the product(s) being shipped to you, we ensure all packaging is 100% safe from breakage during shipping. For boxes, expect to see one or more of the following materials: 

  • Indented kraft paper, for products looking for a pillow to take a nap while they travel to their new home
  • Corrugated bubble, which is made from shredded corrugated, (100% recycled material, 95% post-consumer) - zero (yeah, 0.00) plastic!
  • Green Wrap, which is also made from kraft paper and is the absolute dream, the ultimate perfection for anyone who doesn't want to use that horrible product known as the traditional bubble wrap!)
  • Kraft paper box fillers
  • Tissue paper
  • All held together by kraft tape / water-activated tape.

For soft packages, kraft mailers, with 100% recycled material used for added cushioning - again, ZERO plastic! 

SIDE NOTE: If you receive a soft package from us, before putting it in the recycling bin, take the envelope apart and have a look - it's pretty fascinating! 



You can drop everything into your paper recycling bin. 


  1. While our shipping material is completely plastic free, we have a policy of not interfering with the packaging provided by the designers / makers / manufacturers. This is to ensure products are not tampered with and the quality remains unharmed. We try our absolute best to work with suppliers and makers who hold the same value regarding environmental protection and sustainability as we do. At the end of the day, we are continually working to decrease (and eventually eliminate!) harmful waste we end up creating involuntarily.
  2. If any plastic is found on the packaging, it was added after it left our hands, and met with the shipping company. Sometimes shippers find it necessary to add protection to the packages to protect from weather elements, or to add additional shipping slips and receipts. Aspen Fair neither has any say nor any control over this. 


For any questions, concerns and/or comments regarding this topic, please contact us.