Welcome to the Fair

Born in Toronto, Canada, Aspen Fair aims to enhance the home life, the work life, and the work-at-home life. We curate a variety of carefully selected home décor products, stationery & office supplies, and food & beverage.

We feel pleasure in our ever-growing collection as it contains some great personality. The collection at the Aspen Fair Market is made of products that are handmade and/or small batch produced, making them unique and one-of-a-kind in every way.


Live Little Delights Every Day

Our main goal is to create a space where you could have easier access to products made by designers, artisans, makers, and small businesses in Canada and USA.

Naturally, that means they have neither traveled over several seas of the world to get to us nor do they travel extreme long distances to get to you.

Our energy comes from our love for art, travel, music, and food. We hope you can feel this energy through the curation.


Feel Unparalleled Passion and Joy...


Our collection is made of products that are handmade and/or small batch produced. These products are as unique as you and have souls and tales to tell.

We all deserve to be surrounded by love, even in the things we use and keep around us.

Our first aim is to provide you with products for your home that are sourced from designers, makers, and small businesses in Canada and USA.

Secondly, we hope these products will either last you a long time or make it easy for you to choose the eco-friendly way.


Sustainability and Intent Meets Comfort

In an attempt to utilize a “Sustainability First” approach, we aim to create several projects to help protect our precious planet.

As we provide you with awesomeness through our products, we try to find all the possible ways we can use the company to create an impact on our planet.

We understand, while we need to be more environmentally friendly and several of us want to do our best, it is not an easy task.

Aspen Fair’s goal is to change that one project at a time, one product at a time.



To encourage living a wholesome life that ensures wellness and empowerment; to bring a sense of creativity and passion for your home and work life; to take care of our planet.


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