MEET: Terroir Chocolate

MEET: Terroir Chocolate

“The best things in life happen slowly…” ~Terroir Chocolate

If we were to pick one reason why we love Terroir as much as we do, this would be the answer – their belief about the speed at which the best things happen.  Adding that statement to chocolate is exactly what is required when in the company of a Terroir bar. The beauty and joy of life lies in slowing down and simply enjoying the day.

The essence of Terroir (pronounced the French way: tare-wAHr) was born in the French Alps where Kristin, the co-founder, spent a year. The inspiration came from how meals are made with the utmost care and passion, then carefully paired with the right wine, enjoyed and celebrated ever-so-slowly with friends and family.

Care and simplicity are what led to the birth of Terroir Chocolate. Each bar comes with a story. Also, each bar is handcrafted in small batches at a family-owned facility in Fergus Falls, the lake country of northern Minnesota, creating a beautiful bean to bar experience for any chocolate lover.

Terroir Chocolate Terroir Chocolate

There is nothing complicated about the flavour profile of each bar. The ingredients are simple yet bold, and they very much honour their origin, nurtured with patience. Therefore, we hope that you will take the time to appreciate life, along with the chocolate bar, with each bar you taste. Give it the time it deserves; truly explore it, indulge slowly, savour it, and it will be sure to delight your senses!

“Chocolate, like a fine wine or cheese, is about discovery – the discovery of the land from where it came to the hands that made it just for your pure enjoyment.” ~Terroir Chocolate

Terroir Chocolate has kindly provided a guide on HOW TO TASTE WITH INTENTION to all explorers of their chocolate.

  • The chocolate bar should be room temperature (21°C/70°F)
  • Start with the highest percentage and work to the sweeter bars if tasting several at one time. Use a palate cleanser (such as crackers, soda water, green apple, lemon water, etc.) between different bars.
  • Notice the colour of the chocolate. Is it reddish brown or dark brown? Is it shiny or are there white patches (which indicates fat separation from the cocoa, and will likely make an off-texture).
  • Break off a small piece. It should have a nice snap. Smell the chocolate.
  • Taste it. Let the piece melt slowly on your tongue. What do you taste right away? What happens as it melts? What flavours linger after the chocolate is gone?

Pure Scandi Dark Milk 60%. Chocolate lovers, take some notes because this is not a bar to be missed. This bar has easily risen to the very top for us where dark milk bars are concerned. You can just taste the love that has gone into the designing and making of this chocolate. Starting from the first bite, it begs you to slow down and truly explore its luxurious decadence. The Pure Scandi uses 60% cacao along with some wholesome ingredients.


 Terroir Chocolate Pure Scandi dark milk 60% chocolate bar


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