MEET: Organic Fair

MEET: Organic Fair

Born and raised on the western coast of Canada, Organic Fair creates some of the loveliest certified organic dark chocolate bars right on their family farm.

Organic Fair’s chocolates are sure to take you on a gastronomy tour around the world as you explore unique flavours and combinations.

All bars are made with unrefined cacao, which means it is easier to incorporate indulgence with a healthy lifestyle. They are low in sugar and all bars are vegan.

Chocolate is only a part of Organic Fair’s lineup, and other goodies such as spice blends, essential oils, soda syrups, etc. are also created.

Organic Fair’s lineup of chocolate bars is nothing short of impressive. May we suggest starting off your global discovery tour in Canada, with the most iconic of all bars, Canadiana. The culinary world of Canada is deeply rooted in mixing together the sweet and salty to form something truly unique and flavorful. Maple syrup (obviously!) plays a huge role here. It is then topped off with apples, and yet another star, alder smoked salt – a Pacific seal salt smoked over northwest alder wood. 

Organic Fair Canadiana dark chocolate bar

While you’re still in Canada, have a go at their Westcoaster, inspired by, as the name suggests, the west coast of Canada. Close your eyes and taste the fruity, earthy tones of the Pacific as you explore through the hazelnut and blueberries mixed in with some delicious chocolate.


Organic Fair Westcoaster dark chocolate bar

Off to France you can go next.

Think Southern France, think lavender fields. The Provence bar gently plays with some truly amazing herbaceous flavours and fragrant fruits: lavender, fresh rosemary and sweet oranges to top it off.


Organic Fair Provence dark chocolate bar

Taste the East Coast of Italy by experiencing Espresso Romano, an espresso with a twist of lemon. This flavour can be found in the Little Italy bar, featuring chunks of espresso, gently topped off with the refreshing taste of lemons. This bar is nothing short of refreshing and decadent.



Heart of Gold. Does your heart pound at the thought of delicious dark chocolate? What if chocolate could do double duty as both food and medicine? We believe it can, especially when combined with heart healthy berries, matcha green tea and beneficial spices. This bar makes taste buds sing and hearts glow. The best part is, it has a nice long finish with unique flavours lingering about and making you happy for several extra moments. 


Organic Fair Heart of Gold dark chocolate bar

Coco-milk. Coconut milk. It's true, this is a non-dairy 60% 'milk' chocolate made with delicious coconut. Not only is this super smooth chocolate made with dried coconut and sweetened with coconut sugar. Fans of chocolate and coconut rejoice!


Organic Fair Coco-Milk coconut chocolate bar


True chocolate lovers will surely love the culinary experience through chocolate. Organic Fair has lovingly and, may we say, rather successfully experimented with unique combinations of flavours that should not be missed. Go ahead and try out something amazing in the world of chocolates.

All Organic Fair’s chocolates are made with cacao sourced from the Dominican Republic. It is purchased directly from the farmers at a price the farmers have set themselves. We can all feel good about Organic Fair’s chocolates. All Organic Fair products are made in Canada.

Certified Organic by Pro-Cert, a globally-recognized certifier of organic, gluten-free, and grass-fed products. This certification program ensures the integrity of each product and brand by providing a customer-friendly approach when operating within a regulated system.


May contain traces of gluten and nuts.


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