Happy Chocolate... Month!

Happy Chocolate... Month!

Is it just me who has an entire drawer at in their home office dedicated to all sorts of edible pleasures? I’ll bet the answer is, I’m not the only one. It was when I started discovering the world of gourmet chocolates that my drawer became excessively the only happy place on the planet.  Now dark chocolate literally takes up more than half the space, and I am not looking back to what it used to be.

It is with great pleasure, pride, and joy that we here at Aspen Fair are honoured to introduce some of the loveliest chocolate brands added to our Food & Beverage department. I am not about to bore you with some blah blah about how it is a great addition to help in balancing a healthy lifestyle, recommended daily dose, and I will instead go straight to the good stuff.

Here are 5 of our most favourite dark chocolate brands being featured in our lineup that you absolutely must try out and add and make that stash even more glorious:

Canadiana Dark Chocolate Bar

by Organic Fair

70% Cocoa with Maple Syrup, Apples & Smoked Salt. It doesn’t get more Canadian than this, eh? This bar exemplifies Canada’s long history of sweet and salty culinary traditions, and OBVIOUSLY, that includes maple syrup. Vegan.

Creativity is endless with Organic Fair’s flavoured dark chocolate bars as they are inspired by cuisines the world over – starting right at home in Canada to Italy, to Japan, and all around again. Better yet, Organic Fair uses unrefined cacao and prides itself in crafting bars that are low in sugar and are vegan. Indulging never felt so good! 

  Canadiana by Organic Fair



Little Italy Dark Chocolate Bar

by Organic Fair

70% Cacao with Espresso Beans & Lemon. A magical combination of Espresso Romano beans with lemons – this is a bar to fall in love with, no questions asked. 

Little Italy by Organic Fair


 About Organic Fair.

Cobble Hill, British Columbia, Canada.

Born and raised on the western coast of Canada, Organic Fair creates some of the loveliest certified organic dark chocolate bars right on their family farm. Chocolate is only a part of Organic Fair’s lineup, and other goodies such as spice blends, essential oils, soda syrups, etc. are also created. Follow them on Instagram: @organicfair  



By Alicja Confections

It comes as no surprise to those already familiar with Alicja Confections that we are absolutely in love with their chocolates. The experience starts with their artistic packaging, straight to the chocolates themselves, these chocolate bars are sure to take you on a trip through some serious wonderfulness. Equally approved by kids and adults! 

Koppra is fully coated on one side with crispy and organic coconut shavings. It is an absolute must for anyone who likes chocolate – even people who hate coconut will like this bar (including the founder of Alicja Confections!) 

Koppra coconut dark chocolate by Alicja ConfectionsKoppra coconut dark chocolate postcard bar by Alicja Confections


About Alicja Confections.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Alicja Confections uses traditional methods and techniques to create some new, weird, funky, and stunning flavour combinations not easily found elsewhere.

We at Aspen Fair adore the Postcard Chocolate Bars! What a sweet idea! It’s a chocolate bar you can send in the mail. Each bar is wrapped in a uniquely designed packaging, so make someone’s day – anywhere in the world – with some extra sweetness.Follow them on Instagram: @alicjaconfections  



by Terroir Chocolate

“The best things in life happen slowly.” ~Terroir Chocolate. 

The creators of this decadent variation of dark milk have paid some close attention to the design of this goodness. The Pure Scandi uses 60% cacao along with some wholesome ingredients and should not be missed. Go ahead and indulge in some of this goodness, take your time, and enjoy. 

Pure Scandi Dark Milk 60% by Terroir Chocolate


Also available as a mini version. SHOP HERE: Pure Scandi Mini

About Terroir Chocolate.

Fergus Falls, Minnesota, USA.

Terroir Chocolate was inspired by the French Alps where Terroir’s founder spent a year enjoying meals with carefully paired wine. Terroir’s bean to bar journey was crafted slowly, employing beauty and simplicity. Each of Terroir’s bars are made in small batches at their family-owned facility in Minnesota. Follow them on Instagram: @tcchocolate  


72% Cocoa with Peppermint Crisp

by Milkboy Swiss Chocolate

These authentic, traditional Swiss made chocolates come equipped with some unique and innovative flavours. Milkboy Chocolates are beautifully packaged and contain all-natural ingredients, including sustainably sourced cocoa. 

The Swiss alpine meadows productes some of the best-quality milk available for which Switzerland is rightly famed. « Gluten free, non-GMO, soy free, Kosher Certified. 

Milkboy Swiss Chocolate dark chocolate with peppermint crisp


About Milkboy.

Brooklyn, New York, USA.

The Milkboy Swiss Chocolate brand dates back over 100 years to a small dairy in the Emme-Valley in the Swiss Alps. Each spring, cows would ascent to pristine mountain pastures, lead by the young men, the “Milkboy(s)”, wearing traditional costumes, carrying the artfully carved, wooden milk pails used to milk the cows. The Milkboy brand returned to the origins of this story for inspiration, using it as the foundation to create Milkboy Chocolates.Multiple award winner for best chocolate and great taste award. Follow them on Instagram: @milkboychocolate  

I hope, from one extreme lover of dark chocolate to another, you have enjoyed this little trip down our chocolate department. Give them a go, and do let us know what you think of our selections. 

Best Chocolate-y Wishes!



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