MEET: Friendsheep

MEET: Friendsheep

Adding a little bit of fun to your laundry day is easier now. Go ahead and discontinue purchasing those dryer sheets once and for all. Add some dryer balls to your dryer knowing you’re doing something good for the environment without moving a muscle. Worth the investment? Surely! Dryer balls can last for a good 2-5 years…

Meet Friendsheep

...the designers of the most adorable dryer balls you’ll ever see. Founded in 2015 in California, Friendsheep aims to provide high quality products that respect animals by using organic, cruelty-free wool.

Friendsheep products are designed to eliminate single-use plastic and toxic chemicals found in household products, such as dryer sheets and fabric softeners.

Gentle on the Earth, the animals, and the people.

Certified Cruelty Free, the wool used by the company is sourced from family-owned farms in New Zealand. No chemicals, hormones or pesticides are used: this means azo-free dyes are used (Azo-free dyes, also known as fibre-reactive dyes, are eco-friendly dyes and do not use toxin-filled compounds). All wool products are needle felted using only vegetable soap and warm water, and then sun dried.

Handmade and fairly traded.

Friendsheep’s products are designed in the USA, and handmade by Nepali artisans in the Himalayan Valley of Kathmandu. There is where the company provides work and purpose to women and disabled artisans in cooperatives in underprivileged communities. High standards of ethical working conditions are ensured which includes fair wages in ethical working conditions, medical care, education, and purpose to empower people while respecting animals and nature.



In the simplest of words, they are balls made of tightly compressed wool that you can add to your dryer. There, they gently tumble, naturally softening and fluffing your laundry and preventing them from clumping together.

Along with that, they also help reduce wrinkles and static cling, and can help reduce drying time. Essentially, they work pretty much like dryer sheets, except you don’t chuck them out after every use. That’s why they are easily the more eco-friendly option.


Conventional fabric softeners can easily aggravate allergies and respiratory problems. Dryer balls are the perfect alternative as they use no harsh chemicals. As a matter of fact, they are completely scent free.

The Friendsheep Dryer Balls are also completely safe for those with wool sensitivities. No fabric softening product is more suitable and perfect for baby clothing. All natural and organic, contains no fillers or additives.


Dryer balls soften fabrics without chemicals and other additives. As a result, you end up with softer clothing. Conventional fabric softeners coat fabrics with a thin layer of softener, and over time those layers build up. As you avoid those layer, you end up making your clothes and linens last longer. These dryer balls also eliminate chemical buildup in your dryer and dryer ducts.

When used with smaller loads, dryer balls help separate all items in the dryer, which become less likely to stay in one position during the drying process. That simply means fewer wrinkles.


The wool absorbs moisture from the materials therefore effectively decreasing the overall drying time. Who has all that time to spend waiting for laundry to be done anyway?


Reusable and biodegradable. Created from a sustainable source, wool dryer balls can last for thousands of loads. By investing in and using this product, you are decreasing your consumption of harsh chemicals and packaging material, and creating next to no waste at all. The Friendsheep Dryer Balls use recyclable and reusable packaging.

Naturally, you save a lot of energy by drying your clothes for shorter periods of time. Depending on the size of the load, your drying time can decrease by as much as 40%.


Unlike your normal fabric softener that leaves behind a layer of chemicals on your clothing and linens to create the softness, wool dryer balls tumble with your clothes. That means clothes do not get a chance to cling together and lose their moisture. (Just be sure to not over dry the clothes, which in turn causes static)


We have made it incredibly easy for you to forget about those pesky dryer sheets. You can now get the most adorable wool dryer balls right here.

Check out our amazing collection of Friendsheep Dryer Balls below.


How to use Friendsheep Dryer Balls

A normal sized load needs about 3 wool balls. You can toss in all the balls in this package for best results. (Large loads would need 6+ balls).

But remember, the more balls you use, the faster the drying time. 

Friendsheep Eco Dryer Balls are handmade from the purest and softest organic wool, and it's because of their high quality that they slightly lint on their first use.

After the first cycle, you can use your wool balls on any kind of load: dark, black, coloured or white; they will never lint. 

Tips & Best Practices

Always use a moisture-sensitive setting on your dryer. Do not over dry or you will produce static cling. 

Store your eco dryer balls in a well-ventilated area. Never store them in plastic. 

For fresh-scented laundry, add 3-5 drops of your favourite essential oil to each Friendsheep wool ball before each cycle. Allow absorption for a few minutes before tossing them in the dryer with your laundry.

Each pack of Friendsheep dryer balls (4- or 6-pack) come in a handmade cotton drawstring bag. User's manual is included.



Take care of the Earth, its people, and their health

As is the case with Aspen Fair, Friendsheep also uses plastic-free compostable products in its packaging. Further, Friendsheep uses post-consumer 100% recyclable and 100% compostable paper packing materials. Friendsheep too offsets its carbon footprint by planting a tree for every order they receive.



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