Quickest ways to make your home cozy during the COVID-19 pandemic

Quickest ways to make your home cozy during the COVID-19 pandemic

October 2020. This has definitely been a year…of sorts. Now, we are going deeper into fall season, and COVID-19 is still looming over our heads. Unfortunately, some of us are about to get pushed back into having to follow heavier social distancing protocols as we did earlier in the year. So, what better time is there to have a look around and refresh your space a little. I wouldn’t dare call this a guide of any shape or form but just a little something to encourage you to think in that direction.

During fall, there is a pre-disposition to want to be warm and cozy in our homes. Fall season, for most of us, drills up some serious amount of nostalgia. It is the one that is the most powerful at doing so with its vibrant and alluring impressions. It is also the one where the Scandinavian “hygge” originated – that cozy wonderfulness that simply cannot be translated but can be felt all the way in the depths of our souls.

Now, here we are, with a global pandemic on our hands, it is important more than ever to be surrounded by as much soothing and healing sensations in our personal spaces as possible and make this time as comfortable and fun as possible. In this unprecedented time, it is natural for us to look to things that provide us with calm, while providing us with hope and encourages us to stay strong and get through this time with as much ease as possible. As we settle in for the winter, it is important to make our homes feel like an everlasting hug.

Speaking specifically about design styles, there several styles come to mind that are known to provide the most soothing elements. The one that stands above every other style is the very graceful, the very comforting, the very everything-awesome, Rustic style. The main reason being, this is the one style that is the most in touch with nature but not being the actual nature, straight up.

We, through instinct, have deep roots of being soothed by nature, and no amount of the metro lifestyle will ever take that out of us – our instincts are such that we will always find peace in elements that nature offers to us. Even those of use who are nowhere near being thrilled with the idea of being outdoors further than what the city offers them have the desire for nature in their homes – natural sunlight, plants, organic food, earthy tones, etc. etc. etc. Simply put, no matter what else we claim to be, nature is within us. But we digress…

So, yes. When you think of the term rustic style, you are likely thinking of wood like in a log cabin, dark colors, hard textures, or just natural outdoorsy type design aesthetic. It is quite understandable rustic design style is all of this and then some. In more recent years, we have seen the rise of the well-known Farmhouse Style, which essentially modernized its traditional roots, Rustic. The true meaning of rustic design style is rugged and natural beauty with an emphasis on nature inspired patterns and textures. Primarily, this design style highlights deep and earthy colours, and reminds us of an organic, humble, and simplistic lifestyle. First of all, let’s clear something up: Farmhouse or Rustic, they both offer us the same elements. It’s just that Rustic is more traditional, whereas Farmhouse has a modern touch to it; it takes out the “cottage-y” feel and leveling it up just enough for the urbanites.

Just weeks and months prior to COVID-19’s social distancing protocols began to surface, the trendsetters in the design industry were on a rage to leave Farmhouse behind as the “trend” is now over. Is it safe to say, we spoke too soon? Because to that we say, we are hanging on to some of the elements, perhaps just for now. Nevertheless, for those of us who like to stay current with the trends, it truly is too soon to be leaving Farmhouse behind, and we need the elegant and cozy elements that it offers more than ever before.

Fall is all about connecting with nature. It is also fall season that provides the most inspiration for patterns and décor we so lovingly bring into our homes. The good news is, rustic style is at its best in the fall season because this style shares something crucial with the season itself, and that is the colours. Fall season is filled with earthy tones, emphasizing heavily on the warm, vibrant colours that let us slip into a sweet lull oh so wonderfully. If you happen to be shopping around and looking to add some design elements to your home, do consider adding patterns inspired by nature. While the Rustic style will teach you to go straight to earthy tones, greens, and even whites, this is especially the year to go after some warm, vibrant colours instead. The psychology of colours suggests these colours naturally evoke the feeling of homey and comfy sensations. These colours are known to be energetic, cheerful, and “entertaining”.

Those who are already familiar with my personal style are well aware I go on non-stop about textures and what a huge role they play in our homes. Staying with our theme of the day, Rustic style offers some serious textural feels. This is also something I talk about non-stop (and will start writing about soon-ish) is creating a clash of textures. Think materials and finishes that are completely natural looking: wood, stone or some other earthy looking finish and “clash” it with a pre-existing texture in your home. For example, a large ceramic vase with a smooth, glossy finish on your hardwood floor.

So, as we make our way through this pandemic and as you focus on yours and your family’s safety and wellbeing, consider adding some natural elements to your home. We do not need to be embedded in some natural environment outside our homes to be able to enjoy the feels this gorgeous style brings for us inside our home.

Here is a chance to let the inside of your home come to life. Yes, we’re in the middle of a pandemic, but there is no reason to not have a little fun and refresh the décor a bit. So why not do it in a way that provide some homey feels.

Stay well and stay safe!

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