Explore timeless creativity, cozy feels, and charm.

Your home deserves it.

Aspen Fair curates a carefully selected variety of home décor products, stationery & office supplies, food & beverage, and much, much more.

Here you can find products designed by some truly amazing and creative designers from across Canada and USA.

Our collection is designed to make your home and work life unique in every way.

Our energy comes from our love for art, travel, music, and food.

Meet Organic Fair

Born and raised on the western coast of Canada, Organic Fair creates some of the loveliest certified dark chocolate bars on their family farm.

Organic Fair's chocolate collection is sure to take you on a gastronomy tour around the world as you explore unique flavours and combinations.

All bars are made with unrefined cocoa, which means it is easier to incorporate indulgence with a healthy lifestyle. They are low in sugar and all bars are vegan.

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